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Working as a trusted advisor, Abacus provides specialist advice for a wide spectrum of sectors mentioned here with a personal and professional approach. By focusing closely on each sector's unique influences we are able to help you achieve your objectives through providing accurate, informed and and relevant advice.

  • Advertising

  • Alternative and renewable energy

  • Automotive

  • Banking and finance

  • Business support

  • Catering

  • Estate and pension planning

  • Healthcare and pharmaceuticals

  • Hospitality and leisure

  • International and domestic trading

  • Cross border holding companies

  • Manufacturing

  • New media, broadcasting and publications

  • Not-for-profit

  • Private equity investments

  • Portfolio management

  • Professional practices

  • Real estate and construction

  • Retail trading and services 

  • Tax planning


We understand the issues the business service sector faces. We have an integrated approach across different geographies and disciplines designed to deliver the highest quality advice in the most efficient way.

From producers to consumers to catering outlets and eateries, we work throughout the sector and understand how issues can impact an entire segment.

With a vast number of deluxe international hotels and restaurants among its clients, Abacus has vast experience of the hospitality and leisure industry.

We provide compliance and business advisory services to privately owned, private equity backed companies across the manufacturing sector internationally.

We work with clients across new media, publishing, satellite broadcasting, music, software development and on-line services and help them to understand and overcome the principal challenges they face in this fast moving sector.

At Abacus we are extremely proud of our services to the ‘Not for Profit’ sector ranging from philanthropic activities to societies, associations and charities.  

Our coverage and level of resources mean you can call upon our specialists to provide advice and services across a comprehensive scope of issues and requirements.

Abacus is committed to advising professional practices and firms and helping them to enhance business and maximising profitability.

The development of long-term relationships with our clients enables us to understand your business requirements and provide the appropriate advice.


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