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Reasons to Choose Abacus

Welcome to Abacus

The Abacus mantra is to establish partnerships with its clients. From the initial meeting we endeavour to make that partnership with you a reality. With your best interests at heart, we strive to provide practical solutions to turn your business vision into realisable goals. Abacus is not just another accountancy firm; its experienced and skilled team with years of practical commercial experience is a trusted counsel who will always be there as a friend for life.

The challenge that the ever-changing business or industry presents is met with an enthusiasm and commitment that sets Abacus apart from the others. With our experience in accounting, taxation and corporate finance, we have built a business which does more for our clients in various ways, applying one or a combination of more than one of the following:

Whys and wherefores

  • Ideas

  • The right team

  • Timeliness

  • Communication and accessibility

  • Transparency

  • Resourceful

  • Valuable assurance

  • Taxation and strategic planning

  • Corporate finance solutions

  • Comprehensive service 

A rich resource and continuous flow of practical ideas and solutions tailored to you and your business, whether to improve your business systems, identify risks, safeguard assets, minimise costs and optimise profitability.

The Team
A strong ‘in-house’ culture within the organisation ensures all members are friendly, professionally qualified and fully committed to delivering the best service; we heavily invest in training and on resources to ensure that all our staff are equipped with the right skill-set to ensure your business always receives relevant and practical advice.

We believe in offering a truly excellent service in addition to ideas, solutions and value for money and delivering these in the most efficient and timely manner, in a timetable suitable to our clients’ requirements. One commitment to quality standards and vigorous internal procedures are just elements of the overall customer satisfaction of a well delivered timely service.

Communication and accessibility
We assure our clients know that we are ‘always available’ for them, and provide direct points of contact with their designated managers. Our clients are kept informed of progress and plans so they know exactly where, when and how their requirements are being met. 
Our clients find our immediate accessibility not only refreshing but also very useful.

We ensure that our clients get the best value for money. Our fees are typically pre-agreed so our clients know the exact costs of a particular engagement. Our policy of active communication means that you will not have any nasty surprises of extra costs.

We believe that continual offering of regular topical tips to increase our clients' awareness of practical business matters and changes which may affect you or your business is of the essence in our client relationship.

Valuable assurance
Through our intimate knowledge and understanding of your business and the industry we tailor our approach to focus on areas which are of greatest risk or of added value, ensuring that the delivery of a cost effective, efficient review adds value through regular management reports. Accordingly the Abacus has been specially designed to enable clients to access their records in confidence by logging in direct vie password protection.

Taxation and strategic planning
In addition to general tax compliance, our specialist tax team can help generate real savings through specific national and off-shore tax planning and bespoke tax arrangements, whether it is corporate tax, income tax, or inheritance tax.

Corporate Finance
Our corporate finance division can meet your expectations and requirements in the offering of specialist advice on business start-ups, on-shore and off-shore structuring, valuations, restructuring and recovery, project analyses and appraisals, feasibility studies, sourcing funding and project financing, disposals, mergers and acquisitions.

Comprehensive service
These comprises annual and statutory returns, remuneration planning, management consultancy, back-office support, expert reports, internal control procedures, internal audits and systems reviews, forensic accounting, out-sourced legal advice and estate planning arranging and liaising with external auditors.

Abacus is your one stop business solution and more...

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