Working as partners

At Abacus Corporate Finance we recognise the enterprising spirit and drive of businessmen and women who are determined by their single-minded desire and determination to pursue their vision to convert their ideas into a sustainable and enduring business.  Those who have realised their vision and built a prosperous enterprise by hard work and ardour or those who are professionally engaged to run and manage the business under their charge remain equally passionate with vigour to build and further strengthen the business.  The satisfaction of accomplishment and achievement notwithstanding, the measure of success in the world of commerce is still money. Adapting the words coined by Bill Clinton’s campaign strategist James Carville, “It's the economics, stupid”. In these times of global recession, the message remains equally poignant.

We are driven by a similar desire to partner with our clients to provide them with the best professional service, support and advice. We understand that the entrepreneurs’ principal concern is to remain focused on their business goals and not be distracted by the obligatory demands for keeping books and records and submitting the countless statutory returns and year-end statements.

Whilst accountants and bookkeepers are a dime a dozen, the Abacus Corporate Finance philosophy is to turn this necessity into a virtuous tool to assist the management in the running and development of their business. We provide a flexible range of services   and the best solution tailored to suit the requirement of every business – whether incorporated or otherwise – for better cash management, monitoring and measuring performance against key ratios and other predefined targets.

We are supported by a team of dynamic professionals with years of corporate finance experience and expertise in small to medium sized enterprises to large multi-national and multi-million dollar corporations with big ticket industrial projects world-wide.

Our team will work with you to develop the best solutions for your business.